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art and cuisine... other words, gentrification—and all of the vicious dispossession and displacement that makes it what it is...

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You fucking cowards...

Keeping it classy in the suburbs of southeastern surprises here:

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"white privilege"

Let me get this straight…the foulest, most vicious billionaire of them all is currently at the helm in this country as it slips into a state of TERMINAL decline, and a number of his peers--i.e. other billionaires and millionaires--not only want to disarm America's poor, working, and minority populations, but are willing to pay a shit-ton of money to help do so?

Suburban teenager David Hogg talked about using his “white privilege” (his words) to educate all of the poor, working, and minority populations in the country about why we should all be disarmed. I’d like to know in what other context in American “culture” would it be acceptable for someone to declare that she or he is going to use her or his “white privilege” to do anything?

Only someone from the most suburban/exurban/gentrifying, hermetically sealed, myopic, self-absorbed kind of "white privilege" would try to dictate to poor, working, and minority populations in America’s CITIES that we should be so absolutely outgunned by an increasingly militarized police force and armies of criminals with ILLEGALLY purchased and derived guns (no gun legislation will change this). As so many of you anti-gun suburbanites predictably repeat, the forces threatening "the people" were armed with mere muskets way back when--and now they're armed with semi- and fully-automatic rifles and handguns, "high-capacity" magazines, and lots of sweet hand-me-down stuff from the military...


...again, poor and minority youth in America’s CITIES have always faced “gun violence” as a daily reality, but there’s never been such focused and sustained “outrage” for them--it’s CLEVER how suddenly “groups with more financial resources and organizational skills than the teenagers [have] on their own,” are including black and brown kids.

The “gun violence” that poor, working, and minority populations deal with in the CITY, comes with a completely different set of circumstances from that in the SUBURBS--most significantly, the former primarily involves ILLEGALLY acquired guns and the latter LEGALLY acquired guns--and thus requires different solutions. Conflating the two sets of circumstances is vacuous, lazy, and self-serving. “Gun violence” in the CITY is primarily a symptom of underground economies that young people are often compelled/forced to take part in. This is a crisis, which needs far more resources and attention than it has ever received (especially now), but it sure as hell isn’t the same as whatever it is about American SUBURBAN environments and ways-of-life that keeps generating such explosive degrees of isolation, loneliness, and anomie in some of their young men. This is of course talking about WHY this latest homicidal rampage in Parkland occurred, instead of merely talking about HOW it was carried out--a conversation that requires far more honesty and accountability from people…

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today in a Badu way...

Back and forth 'tween here and hustlin'...

Pa and mama taught him good
He's about to change the face
Of yo ghetto neighborhood...

Fly free baby fine with me...

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Thoughts on "mass shootings" in America's suburbs...

The kind of carefully planned and tactically optimized homicidal rampages by lone individuals with “legally purchased” rifles and handguns, such as that which just occurred in Parkland, Florida, are almost wholly a SUBURBAN phenomenon and issue. They have little to do with the daily circumstances and experiences of poor, working, and minority populations in this country’s CITIES. Circumstances and experiences for most law-abiding citizens living in the CITY, couldn’t be more different, and you anti-gun suburbanites (and here I include suburban implants in the heavily policed “green zones” that are gentrifying urban neighborhoods) have no right at all to try to dictate anything to people in the CITY regarding rifles, handguns, magazine-capacity, etc.

OK, the rest of us get it, all that most of you anti-gun people want to talk about, again, is the HOW of this latest homicidal rampage, just like most of those that have come before it. Predictably, this is where all of your “outrage” is directed. As usual, the WHY is completely being ignored, again—guaranteeing that this is going to happen, again—because genuinely confronting the WHY actually takes some accountability and some honesty from people. The HOW of these recurring homicidal rampages should be secondary in our conversations, to the WHY these homicidal rampages keep happening in this country. No matter what laws or processes might change, the HOW will change as well to meet the demands and circumstances for each of these isolated, alienated, and anomic young men that our country’s suburbs (and exurbs) continue to produce, as long as the WHY, this country continues to produce them, is continually ignored.

Of course, poor, marginalized, minority young people in the CITY get shot and killed every day, but there’s never such focused and sustained “outrage” for these shootings and deaths. I’ll give you anti-gun people at least a little credit as to at least one reason why—because even you have to acknowledge, that law-abiding human beings who live in the CITY have to deal with armies of criminals and criminalized youth who are armed with semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons with "high-capacity" magazines, THAT ARE ALMOST ALL PURCHASED AND DERIVED ILLEGALLY, and thus which no gun legislation will ever change or touch. Our conversations about and efforts at countering the systemic poverty and necessity that keeps generating new criminals and criminalized youth, need to continue, but in the meantime—in the daily realities of defending oneself and one’s loved ones—these heavily- and illegally-armed criminals are a main reason you anti-gun suburbanites have no right to tell people living in the CITY, that we shouldn’t have access to the same kinds of weapons as the aforementioned criminals. Which isn’t even to get into the increasingly militarized American police forces who show up to "domestic disturbances" in the city with hand-me-down tactical gear, weapons, and armored vehicles from the military.

"There's a war going on outside no man is safe from..."
                          -Albert "Prodigy" Johnson

It’s wonderful that people in the suburbs don’t seem to have to regularly deal with the reality that this country is indeed increasingly at war with itself, but it is. I get it—people who can afford to live in the suburbs (and exurbs) pay to not have to deal with the realities of the rest of the world, and the only time you actually seem to see how desperate and cursed things are getting for others, is when the pastoral giddiness and leisure of your suburban environments and ways-of-life are shattered in these recurring mass-shootings. In this regard, to at least begin to talk about the WHY, I think it’s important, again, to acknowledge that these kinds of carefully planned, homicidal rampages in schools are almost wholly a suburban phenomenon and issue. One of the most common elements of most of these school shootings is that they begin, develop, and occur in the SUBURBS. That seems to be the most flummoxing and tragic part of these recurring homicidal rampages to people, as we are always told in the media—that they occur in “safe,” “pleasant,” “nurturing,” etc. suburban communities. The majority of the young people in the city who shoot and kill each other, often do so simply as part of all of the underground economies that they are often compelled/forced to take part in. This is by all means a crisis too in its own right, which needs far more resources and attention than it has ever received, but it sure as hell isn’t the same as an alienated, isolated, anomic suburban teenager spending months planning and preparing the next homicidal rampage for optimal tactical efficiency, like in these kinds of school-shootings that keep occurring in your American suburbs.

So, seriously, to at least begin to talk about the WHY this time, what the hell do your “safe,” “pleasant,” “nurturing,” American suburban communities do to some of their young men to consistently create the conditions for these homicidal rampages? What is it about your American suburban environments and ways-of-life that consistently generates such explosive degrees of isolation, loneliness, and anomie in these young men? Answering these difficult questions would at least be a step towards answering WHY this keeps happening in your American suburbs and hopefully a way to prevent the next tragedy.


An English professor in the city of Detroit, with a CPL, who legally owns a number of "high-capacity" rifles and handguns, who is completely fine with lengthy and rigorous background checks on all gun-purchases, and who will never be a member of the NRA


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