Saturday, October 15, 2016

now THIS is how you start a story...


wakinglife said...

that's quite an opening sequence, indeed ;-), i was recently doing research on the interwebz, falling down rabbit holes (ugh:-/, etc., and i came across this (v recent) interview w the peerless law Prof Peter Hammer in Detroit.. there are some especially powerful statements and i immediately thought of u and ur post about ur dissertation chapter (re: the ghosts) and i wanted to pass this link along.. tho i suspect u mightve already seen it (?)..

so.. hope alls going ok/cool & u are enjoying the autumn, newly coerced ;-) interwebz friend :-]

p.s. lastly, i forgot to say before, that u might consider (if u already do not) sharing some of ur scholarship on, so it can be amplified and active in conversations w other scholars.. i wanted to sincerely apologize if u already know about this site and in fact use it.. but id feel remiss if i didnt say anything at all;-)

so, take care!<3

wakinglife said...